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Main Street, Wyoming: Heart Mountain (film)

Episode of the local PBS program Main Street, Wyoming that focuses on Heart Mountain . Originally produced and aired in 1994, it was repackaged with a brief new opening as part of the Main Street, Wyoming Classics series in 2006. Featuring on-camera host Deborah Hammons, the episode includes three segments: : an extended interview with Paul Tsuneishi on his incarceration experience and subsequent military service; a profile of Kaz Uriu, one of the only Heart Mountain inmates to later settle in Wyoming as a farmer, based on an interview with his daughter; and local efforts to build a memorial at the site—which was dedicated in July 1978—featuring interviews with local residents. Produced by Wyoming Public Television, it was funded by the Wyoming Council for the Humanities ad Kennecott Energy. It has been made available online as part of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting.

Authored by Brian Niiya , Densho

Might also like Heart Mountain: Three Years in an Internment Camp (1997); The Legacy of Heart Mountain (2014); Moving Walls (2017)

Media Details
Release Date 1994
Runtime 28 minutes
Director David Warrington
Producer David Warrington
Writer Geoff O'Gara
Narrator Deborah Hammons
Starring Paul Tsuneishi (interviewee), Barbara Uriu (interviewee), C. A. Blackburn (interviewee), Mary Ruth Blackburn (interviewee), John Collins (interviewee), David Reetz (interviewee), Dan Stebbins (interviewee)
Music Phil Heywood
Cinematography John Dorman
Editing Pete Hickerson
Studio Wyoming Public Television
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For More Information

Streaming link as part of American Archive of Public Broadcasting, .