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When We Were Warriors, Part 1 (film)

Dramatic short film written and directed by Lane Nishikawa that centers on the lifelong relationship between a Nisei soldier and the Jewish man whom he liberated from a Nazi death camp during World War II. The film is an adaptation of the play The Gate of Heaven , written by Nishikawa and Victor Talmadge, who also star as the main characters. Produced in 1999, the 33-minute film was funded in part by the Civil Liberties Public Education Fund and the 100th/442nd/MIS WWII Memorial Foundation.

Authored by Patricia Wakida

Might also like Unforgettable Face (1993); Okage Sama De (I Am What I Am Because of You) (2008); From Hawaii to the Holocaust: A Shared Moment in History (1993)

Media Details
Release Date 1999
Runtime 33 minutes
Director Lane Nishikawa
Producer Karen Criswell
Screenplay Lane Nishikawa
Starring Lane Nishikawa (Sam), Victor Talmadge (Leon), Linda Igarashi (Ruby), Taylor Lee (Young Emerald), Brian Yamada (Young Steven), Kerri Higuchi (Adult Emerald), Joseph Hei (Soldier), Alex Wang (Soldier), Dillow Lew (Grandson)
Music Michael Roth
Cinematography Hiro Narita
Editing Walt Louie
Studio Mission from Buddha Productions in association with CE Acatl Productions