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            "id": "What It Means To Be An American: Lesson Plans on Race and the Media in Times of Crisis (curricula)",
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            "title_sort": "whatitmeanstobeanamericanlessonplansonraceandthemediaintimesofcrisiscurricula",
            "description": "Published by the Japanese American Citizens League in 2004, this 24-page booklet provides a middle/high school curriculum that addresses the parallels between the World War II experience of Japanese Americans and the post-September 11th experience of Arab and Muslim Americans. The unit is organized into three lessons \"Hidden Truths – The Use of Spin,\" \"Opinion-Editorials,\" \"Political Cartoons,\" with a total of ten learning activities. The booklet also includes background information about the World War II Japanese American incarceration, the impact of September 11 on Arab and Muslim Americans, and myths and stereotypes.",
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                "Dangers of ignorance",
                "Evils of racism",
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