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            "id": "Civil Rights and Japanese-American Internment (curricula)",
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            "title_sort": "civilrightsandjapaneseamericaninternmentcurricula",
            "description": "Developed in 2000 by the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE) and the Institute for International Studies (IIS) at Stanford University, this high school/college curriculum module presents civil rights in the context of the Japanese-American experience from immigration in the early 20th century to World War II, and on through more contemporary issues of redress, reparations and memorializing the incarceration. Organized into six lessons, this curriculum can provide up to three weeks of stand-alone instruction or select lessons can be used to augment U.S. history textbook coverage.",
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                "High school",
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                "Expression through art",
                "Immigrant experience",
                "Individual versus society",
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