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            "id": "Fox Drum Bebop (book)",
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            "title_sort": "foxdrumbebopbook",
            "description": "Novel by Gene Oishi that tells the saga of the Konos, a Japanese American farming family from coastal California, covering the years 1940 to 1982. Largely based on the author's own life and family, each chapter is a stand alone short story set in a particular time period. Early chapters covering the prewar years and the upheavals of World War II are told from the perspective of different family members, while later chapters covering the postwar years are largely through the perspective of Hiroshi, the character based on the author. Fox Drum Bebop was published by Kaya Press in 2014 and received the 2016 Association for Asian American Studies book award in the Creative Writing: Prose category.",
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            "mediatype_label": "Books",
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            "rg_interestlevel": [
                "Grades 9-12",
            "rg_genre": [
                "Historical Fiction"
            "rg_theme": [
                "Family – blessing or curse",
                "Immigrant experience",
                "Power of words"
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                "Widely available"
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