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            "id": "A Circle of Freedom: Lost and Restored (exhibition)",
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            "title_sort": "acircleoffreedomlostandrestoredexhibition",
            "description": "Exhibition at the History Museum of Hood River County on the Japanese American experience in Hood River, Oregon. Instigated by Museum Coordinator Connie Nice once she learned of the of the wartime incarceration of local Japanese Americans and the particularly virulent opposition to their postwar return, the exhibition has the support of the local community. The small exhibition included four sections: \"Our Lives Before,\" \"Our Lives Removed,\" \" Our Lives in Camp,\" and \"Our Lives in Service.\" Included in the exhibition are documents from the local American Legion chapter, which made national headlines in 1944 when it removed the names of Nisei soldiers from a local \"roll of honor.\" The exhibition subsequently became a semi-permanent part of the museum.",
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