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Camp Amache: The Story of an American Tragedy (film)

DVD cover. Courtesy of Wolf River Productions
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A 2006 documentary film by Don Dexter about the American concentration camp located in southwest Colorado, where more than 7,000 Japanese Americans were held during World War II. Amache was one of ten camps established in 1942 to incarcerate over 120,000 Japanese Americans who were forced from their West Coast homes. The film mixes interviews and personal stories with historic and contemporary photos and footage of the camp and surrounding area. Some of the featured stories include journalist Bill Hosokawa , author Gil Asakawa, and John Hopper, a teacher at Granada High School, who has incorporated the story of Amache into his curriculum and started the Amache Preservation Society with his students.

Authored by Patricia Wakida

Might also like Colorado Experience: Amache (2013); The Legacy of Heart Mountain (2014); Topaz (1987)

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Media Details
Release Date 2006
Runtime 57 minutes
Director Don Dexter
Producer Don Dexter
Writer Sandy Dexter
Narrator Don Dexter
Starring Bill Hosokawa (interviewee), Gil Asakawa (Interviewee), John Hopper (interviewee)
Music Bob Studinger
Cinematography Steve Delasantos
Editing John Wilbanks
Studio Wolf River Productions
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For More Information

Camp Amache film trailer on YouTube .