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Heart Mountain: Three Years in an Internment Camp (film)

A short documentary film from 1997 that documents the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans at the American concentration camp in Heart Mountain , Wyoming. The film also documents daily life for the Japanese American incarcerees, who endured living in rough barracks, surrounded by barbed wire in sub-zero temperatures and dust storms, as well as the political and personal conflicts that arose with the government-issued " loyalty questionnaire " and draft resistance . In addition to interviews with former inmates and local residents, the film uses previously unseen footage from the camp. The film was produced by KCSM, a San Mateo, California, public television station as part of The New Americans series and was directed by Dianne Fukami, with David Hosley serving as executive producer. It was originally titled Heart Mountain: Three Years in a Relocation Center . Funders for the documentary included the Chevron Corporation, the Henri and Tomoye Takahashi Charitable Foundation, and the Ray and Peggy Daba Fund.

Authored by Patricia Wakida

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Media Details
Release Date 1997
Runtime 27 minutes
Director Dianne Fukami
Producer Dianne Fukami (consulting producer)
Narrator Jan Yanehiro
Starring Mamoru Inouye (interviewee), S. Ruth Y. Hashimoto (interviewee), William Morita (interviewee), Dick Heasler (interviewee), Eiichi Sakauye (interviewee), Katherine Christiansen (interviewee), Mike Mackey (interviewee), Mitsuru Koshiyama (interviewee), Michi Onuma (interviewee), Jimmie Akiya (interviewee)
Music Michael O'Neill
Cinematography Richard Haynie
Editing Don Young (off-line editor)
Studio KCSM-TV
Distributor Center for Asian American Media
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For More Information

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