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Journey to Washington: On the Trail of Senator Daniel Inouye Japanese American Pioneer (film)

Japanese-made video on the life of Daniel Inouye , American war hero and United States Senator from Hawai'i. Journey to Washington aired in selected television markets in both the U.S. and Japan.

Journey to Washington is based largely in interviews with Inouye, including a 2011 interview by the film's producers, as well as older interviews. After a brief summary of his family's migration to Hawai'i and his early years in Honolulu, the film turns to the World War II period, where it spends much of its running time. Inouye's account of basic training—including conflict between the Nisei from Hawai'i and the continental U.S.—combat in Europe, the rescue of the "Lost Battalion," and the battle that led to the loss of his arm is augmented by interviews with other Nisei veterans who served with him. The last third of the film focuses on his political career including the mentorship of John Burns , his pioneering electoral victories, and his growing influence and public profile. After coverage of his 88th birthday party and sudden death in 2012, the filmmakers visit his home in Washington, D.C. and interview his widow, Irene Hirano Inouye.

Reporter Kaoriko Kuge provides commentary on the story (in subtitled Japanese) from various locations mostly in Honolulu and is seen conducting some of the interviews. Four key episodes from Inouye's life are re-created by actors: his father's parting words to him before he joins the army; the fateful conversation with fellow veteran Sakaye Takahashi while both men were convalescing that turned him towards politics; Burns' urging him to run for office; and his father's proud words to him after meeting President John F. Kennedy.

Relative to the earlier documentary, Daniel K. Inouye: An American Story (2003), Journey to Washington focuses much more on his early life and World War II exploits, devoting well over half of its running time to those topics, and discusses racism against Japanese Americans to a much greater degree. In contrast, An American Story devotes two-thirds of its running time to Inouye's political career.

Authored by Brian Niiya , Densho

Might also like Daniel K. Inouye: An American Story (2003); Justice Betrayed (1992); Ganbare Don't Give Up! (1994)

Media Details
Release Date 2013
Runtime 51 minutes
Director Takuro Arai
Producer Yasumi Urabe
Writer Takuro Arai
Narrator Craig Wollman
Starring Kaoriko Kuge (reporter), Daniel Inouye (interviewee), George T. Sakato (interviewee), Robert L. Yano (interviewee), Lawson Sakai (interviewee), Ralph Y. Fujii (interviewee), Irene Inouye (interviewee), George R. Ariyoshi (interviewee), Terry Shima (interviewee), Yoshiro Kono (re-enactment actor), Jack Lidji (re-enactment actor) George Ridgeway (re-enactment actor)
Cinematography Jonathan Baudoin
Editing Mineko Ebina
Studio Fujisankei Communcations International, Inc.