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Matsumi Kanemitsu: A Japanese American Artist (film)

Short profile of artist Matsumi "Mike" Kanemitsu that includes his own thoughts about his techniques and goals as an artist. Narrator Amy Hill provides a brief outline of his life and work accompanied by many photographs and the music of Miles Davis. His World War II experience as a Kibei in the U.S. Army is largely passed over to focus on his postwar art career.

Authored by Brian Niiya , Densho

Might also like Ruth Asawa: Of Forms and Growth (1978); Shinkichi Tajiri: A Friendship Knot for Bruyeres (1995); Toshiko Takaezu: Portrait an Artist (1993)

Media Details
Release Date 1998
Runtime 10 minutes
Director Gajin Fujita
Producer Nancy Uyemura
Writer Riva Weinstein
Narrator Amy Hill
Starring Matsumi Kanemitsu
Music Miles Davis
Editing Gajin Fujita