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Memories of the Camps (film)

Locally produced documentary by Los Angeles TV station KABC that provides an overview of the concentration camps and community efforts to remember them on their fiftieth anniversary. Hosted by KABC news anchor Joanne Ishimine, the program begins at Heart Mountain where former inmate and camp historian Bacon Sakatani gives a tour of the camp and talks about his experience and the larger impact of incarceration. The next segment is on Manzanar , focusing on Toyo Miyatake and his photographs, featuring an interview with his son Archie. The last segments focus on the commemoration of the camps: a visit to a UCLA class that Sakatani speaks to and interviews with the students; some of those same students at the 50th anniversary Manzanar Pilgrimage ; and visits to the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center and Japanese American National Museum in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles. A copy of the program can be viewed at the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

Authored by Brian Niiya , Densho

Might also like From a Different Shore: An American Identity (1994); Something Strong Within (1994); California's Gold with Huell Howser: Manzanar (2002)

Media Details
Release Date 1992
Runtime 60 minutes
Director Mark Mohr
Producer Mark Mohr
Narrator Joanne Ishimine
Starring Bacon Sakatani (interviewee), Archie Miyatake (interviewee), Don Nakanishi (interviewee), Traci Endo (interviewee), Travis Kiyota (interviewee), Sharon Nozawa (interviewee), Holly Baba (interviewee), <a href="/wiki/Sue_Kunitomi_Embrey" title="Sue Kunitomi Embrey">Sue Kunitomi Embrey</a> (interviewee), Tom Ashimoto (interviewee), Janice Ashimoto (interviewee), Paul Chikahisa (interviewee), Irene Hirano (interviewee), George Takei (interviewee)
Music Gregory Yantek
Cinematography Bob Ballew
Editing Peter Fillmore
Studio KABC-TV