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Minidoka (film)

Documentary film that follows Seattle-based activist Joseph Shoji Lachman to the 2017 Minidoka Pilgrimage, documenting discussions with his family about the trip, the bus ride and touring the site. Excerpts from the CWRIC testimony of Samuel T. Shoji, Lachman's great uncle, that illuminate aspects of his family history are also included. Lachman notes the parallels with Trump era policies and his anger at both the World War II incarceration and current events.

Filmmaker Megumi Nishikura grew up in Beijing, Manila, Honolulu, Berlin, London, and Los Angeles and graduated from New York University. Her prior films include Hafu , on mixed race people in Japan, which aired on PBS, and "Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight," a documentary on Japanese war brides that aired on BBC World News. [1]

Authored by Brian Niiya

Might also like Pilgrimage (2006); Mitsuye and Nellie: Asian American Poets (1981); Emi (1979)


  1. Megumi Nishikura website, ; Brett Fujioka, "The Other Hafu Of Japan," Rafu Shimpo , Jan. 13, 2011, 2.
Media Details
Release Date 2019
Runtime 14 minutes
Director Megumi Nishikura
Producer Megumi Nishikura
Starring Joseph Shoji Lachman
Cinematography Megan Eleanor Clark
Editing Kylie Juggert
Studio Blue Chalk Media
For More Information

For More Information

Filmmaker website: . [Includes streaming link.]

Martinez, Gina. " Inside One Man's Trip to the Idaho Camp Where His Great-Grandparents Were Held During World War II. " TIME , Feb. 22, 2019. [Includes streaming link.]