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Most Honorable Son (film)

Documentary film that profiles Nisei war hero Ben Kuroki , tracing his life from his Nebraska childhood, his fight to be allowed to serve in the military after the attack on Pearl Harbor, his bombing missions over Europe and Japan, and his visits to American concentration camps in which Japanese Americans were held. Kuroki tells much of the story in his own words, which are augmented by many interviews with crew members who flew with him in both Europe and Japan. In addition to archival footage and photographs, the filmmakers also film reenactments of a few key episodes. Among the incidents highlighted are the dramatic raid on the Ploesti oilfields in what is now Romania, one of Kuroki's last missions in Europe; his speech before the Commonweath Club in San Francisco upon his return; and his visit to the Heart Mountain concentration camp of which inmates Eiichi Sakauye, Jack Tono, and James Sakoda provide various perspectives. The film ends with the 2005 ceremony at which he received the Distinguished Service Medal and his speech at that event. Directed by Bill Kubota for KDN Films and NET Television, the title Most Honorable Son comes from the nickname given to him by his squadron members.

The hour-long documentary premiered at an August 1, 2007 screening in Lincoln, Nebraska, hosted by Nebraska Governor Dave Hineman and First Lady Sally Ganem and had its nationwide PBS television debut on September 17, 2007. Funders for the film included the Independent Television Service, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Center for Asian American Media. Among its awards were a 2008 CINE Golden Eagle Award, and a 2008 Hugo Television Award (Gold Plaque) for Documentary History/Biography.

Authored by Brian Niiya

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Media Details
Release Date 2007
Runtime 56 minutes
Director Bill Kubota
Producer Ed Moore
Writer Bill Kubota
Narrator Lane Nishikawa
Starring Ben Kuroki, Charles Brannan (interviewee), Art Ferwerda (interviewee), Thomas Childers (interviewee), Cal Stewart (interviewee), Ed Weir (interviewee), Ed Bates (interviewee), Bill Dawley (interviewee), Joe Forti (interviewee), Kenneth O. Dessert (interviewee), Roger Daniels (interviewee), Gary Okihiro (interviewee), Eiichi Sakauye (interviewee), Andrew Wertheimer (interviewee), Jack Tono (interviewee), James Sakoda (interviewee), Jim Jenkins (interviewee), Ken Neill (interviewee), Russell Olsen (interviewee)
Music Tom Larson
Cinematography John Beck
Editing Scott Kemp
Studio KDN Films
For More Information

For More Information

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