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Redress: The JACL Campaign for Justice (film)

Documentary film produced by Visual Communications for the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) in 1991 documenting the JACL's role in the Redress Movement , which had recently culminated in the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 . Written and directed by John Esaki, the film was shown at Days of Remembrances and other events. William Hohri , a frequent critic of the JACL, wrote a letter to Japanese American vernacular papers that compared the video to "how history was manipulated in the old Soviet Union" noting the omission of the corm nobis cases and non-JACL contributors to the movement. In response, Cherry Kinoshita, the JACL's national redress chair, noted the video's goal "to document JACL's role in the redress effort," and not to tell a comprehensive story of redress. [1]

Authored by Brian Niiya

Might also like Right of Passage (2014); Justice Now! Reparations Now! (1988); Resettlement to Redress: Rebirth of the Japanese-American Community (2005)


  1. Hawaii Herald , November 15, 1991, A-13.
Media Details
Release Date 1991
Runtime 40 minutes
Director John Esaki
Producer Amy E. Kato
Writer John Esaki
Narrator Tritia Toyota
Music Scott Nagatani
Cinematography Dean Hayasaka
Editing John Esaki
Studio Visual Communications, Inc.
Distributor Japanese American Citizens League