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Shinkichi Tajiri: A Friendship Knot for Bruyeres (film)

Short video on sculptor Shinkichi Tajiri by A. T. Roberts, made to document Tajiri's gift of a sculpture honoring the 442nd Regimental Combat Team to the French city of Bruyeres, which had been liberated by the 442nd during World War II. Footage of Tajiri making the sculpture and footage of the 50th anniversary commemoration of the liberation in 1994 begin and end the video, with Tajiri's own first person account of his life and career starting from the attack on Pearl Harbor in between. Tajiri recalls his and his family's forced removal and incarceration at Santa Anita and Poston , joining the 442nd, and deciding to move to Europe after the war to pursue an art career and to escape from discrimination in the U.S. Tajiri's autobiographical narrative is accompanied by photographs of him and his family and of his many works of art.

Authored by Brian Niiya , Densho

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Media Details
Release Date 1995
Runtime 22 minutes
Director A. T. Roberts
Narrator Christine Ijas
Starring Shinkichi Tajiri
Cinematography A. T. Roberts
Editing A.T. Roberts
Studio Limited means productions