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The Red Pines: Japanese-Americans on Bainbridge Island (film)

Short film about the Japanese American community of Bainbridge Island, Washington . The twelve-minute film produced and directed by Lucy Ostrander provides a brief history of the community going back to the late 1800s, covers their wartime eviction and incarceration, and includes scenes from a contemporary mochitsuki , the traditional pounding of rice cakes to mark the new year. The story is largely told through Junkoh Harui, a Nisei , who recounts his Japanese immigrant father's arrival on Bainbridge to work in a sawmill before starting a number of businesses, including a store and Bainbridge Gardens. Other interviewees include Fumiko Hayashida, a woman famous for a photograph of her and her young daughter being forcibly removed during World War II; Hayashida later became the subject of another short documentary by Ostrander and her production partner Don Sellers. The title of the film comes from the Japanese red pine trees that Harui's father planted on the island that sprouted during the community's absence during World War II.

Authored by Brian Niiya , Densho

Might also like After Silence: Civil Rights and the Japanese American Experience (2003); Island Roots (2007); Visible Target (1985)

Media Details
Release Date 2003
Runtime 12 minutes
Director Lucy Ostrander
Producer Lucy Ostrander
Narrator Emiko Omori
Starring Junkoh Harui (interviewee), Lilly Kodama (interviewee), Fumiko Hayashida (interviewee)
Music Janice Giteck
Cinematography Don Sellers
Editing Don Sellers
Distributor New Day Films
For More Information

For More Information

New Day Films website, which includes trailer and a curriculum guide: .

Kanopy Streaming link:

Filmmaker website: .