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The Silent Glory (film)

Documentary film on the 442nd Regimental Combat Team . Relying on archival and newsreel footage along with interviews, The Silent Glory begins with the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and the subsequent mass forced removal of West Coast Japanese Americans, continuing with the struggle to restore eligibility to military service for Japanese Americans and the military history of the 442nd, and climaxing with the rescue of the Lost Battalion and the movement to award Congressional Medals of Honor many years later. Among those interviewed are George Katagiri, Kennie Namba, George Oiye , and Al Ouchi, along with Martin Higgins, one of the commanders of the "Lost Battalion." Producer and director Zed Merrill specializes in making films about relatively little known aspects of World War II.

Authored by Brian Niiya

Might also like 442: Live with Honor, Die with Dignity (2010); The Color of Honor: The Japanese American Soldier in WWII (1987); A Flicker in Eternity (2012)

Media Details
Release Date 2000
Runtime 41 minutes
Director Zed Merrill
Producer Zed Merrill
Writer Zed Merrill
Narrator Bob Adkins
Music Rex Recording
Cinematography Willie Brosseau
Editing Willie Brosseau
Studio Zed Merrill and Associates