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Within Their Gates (film)

Documentary film directed by Matthew Goriachkovsky and narrated by eighty-three year old Yukio Shimomura. Shimomura tells the story of his incarceration at Manzanar over original music and period photographs and movies, along with contemporary footage of the site. The film ends with footage of Donald Trump's incendiary speeches and images of ICE detention centers, and protests and counter-protests, with Shimomura noting the parallels between his incarceration experience and the present.

Authored by Brian Niiya , Densho

Might also like The Music Man of Manzanar (2007); Manzanar (1971); Encounter with the Past: American Japanese Internment in World War II (1980).

Media Details
Release Date 2019
Runtime 10 minutes
Director Matthew Goriachkovsky
Narrator Yukio Shimomura
Starring Yukio Shimomura
Music Jaimie Pangan
Cinematography Corey Cao Nguyen
Editing Corey Jung