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A Hero's Hero (film)

Documentary film on Nisei draft resister Yosh Kuromiya and his nephew, civil rights activist Kiyoshi Kuromiya, directed by Robert Shoji. The film begins with Shoji's first person narration of meeting Yosh Kuromiya and with scenes of Kuromiya, shot shortly before his 2018 passing, in which he discusses growing up in the San Gabriel Valley before the war and being forcibly removed with his family to the Heart Mountain , Wyoming, concentration camp, where he was among the young men who resisted the draft, subsequently serving time in prison. The film then follows him to the cemetery, where he visits the resting place of Kiyoshi, while recalling his life of activism. An audio interview of Kiyoshi continues the story of his role in the Civil Rights Movement and as founder of the Critical Path newsletter that provided crucial information about HIV/AIDS. The film ends with Shoji expressing gratitude for having met Yosh and wishing he could have met Kiyoshi.

An engineer by training, Shoji was among the senior citizens trained in filmmaking by Asian Pacific American media arts organization Visual Communications as part of its "Digital Histories" program. [1]

Authored by Brian Niiya , Densho

Might also like Conscience and the Constitution (2000); To Be Takei (2014); American Sons (1995).


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Media Details
Release Date 2020
Runtime 11 minutes
Director Robert M. Shoji
Narrator Robert M. Shoji
Starring Yosh Kuromiya, Kiyoshi Kuromiya
Editing Robert M. Shoji
Studio Visual Communications